What If Your Inner Peace Is No Longer Affected By The Challenges In Your Relationships?

Being emotionally stable and knowing how to deal with the external triggers is essential in all relationships. It helps you feel confident and be supportive even others too.

Heart Wisdom Process can help with this by detoxing the root causes of negative or limiting beliefs you might have about yourself such as “I am not good feeling loved”. The process is increasing confidence and self-trust.

With the HWP you can uncover the subconscious reasons why you are the way you are and start to experience life with a new ways of being, thinking.

Relationships can always bring up hurt feelings. Building a deep connection to your own being and knowing how to deal with emotional challenges makes relationships more valuable, peaceful and you become fearless from its challenges.

You feel like you’ve tried everything, such as traditional therapy, daily affirmations, doing some activities to support yourself feel better after each triggering moments. 

Or maybe you’ve found supportive practices, but failed with actually implementing that practice by yourself after the training ended.

You have a tightness in your chest, knowing that you’ll need to deal with another painful moments even breakup in the next emotional challenging moment with partner again.

You don’t have any more time OR money to waste on things that aren’t working.

I met Sevinc about a year or so ago through Paul Wong. I set up a session and I shared with Sevinc an issue that I was dealing with that was creating a lot of frustration in my life. I remember after that first session I was amazed. The frustration was gone! My whole body was more calm and relaxed! Even my thoughts about the situation were at ease, and my perspective shifted to one of clarity and neutrality rather than agitated. After that experience, I knew that the Heart Wisdom Process could support me with many issues and pains in the body that I have had for years.. 

I feel more confident and have more openness and passion into my everyday life! And anyone can experience these benefits! 

 Sevinc’s work is one of the best practices I have ever tried and she produces immediate results! 

Dan Moriarty


If you are looking to do deep work on yourself, the Heart Wisdom Process is as deep as it gets and is nothing short of a miracle. I am a hypnotist so I have been exposed to many different healing modalities and done a lot of deep work myself and this is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. To me, HWP is one of the most sacred processes on Earth. This is a spiritual, emotional and physical detox process.

Sevinc worked with me on what triggered me and created “storms” in me that make me sad, mad, and overall just unproductive thinking. She is so gentle and wise and intuitive. The unconscious wounds that she brought up and helped me to process out, there are no words to describe! In the month of working with her, I stopped smoking after 12 years, have no desire to drink alcohol. I have hope again when before working with Sevinc I had none. I am less reactive to the things that used to infuriate and derail me. I feel like I can handle whatever comes next. I am joyful and tasting life again! Thank you!

Katie Wanda


My Heart Wisdom Process experience has been profound, it has been a process of un-covering hidden truths, delving deep into the stories & old programming that has kept me running for years.

It’s been a process of releasing those old stories & revealing the true nature of who I really am.

It has helped me build confidence in that true nature and continues to echo throughout my day to day life. Thank you Sevinc

Masha Rykova

Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Sevinc

My life challenges led me on a journey of learning Chinese healing arts and study holistic healing principles from yoga masters of India. Working through my own personal struggles,  now l work with a body of work for connecting to the inner wisdom of our hearts, the center of natural healing. It centers about the principle of working through the unprocessed emotions of past experiences, perceptions, belief. When this occurs, divine love is activated and natural healing occurs.


Passionate about mindfulness programs and ready build relationships peacefully.

If you’ve been wondering what you’re missing.

Ready for it to be easier.

Willing to go all in.