What is the Heart Wisdom Process?

The heart wisdom process is built based on a combination of energy healing and yogic teachings passed down thousands of years. It focuses on learning how to live peacefully without being lost in negative mental states.  

The main two areas in this program that help people experience profound transformation are: 

1. how we deal with life challenges

2. how we define ourselves when going through challenges. 

Besides the program, you will also learn body awareness practices and breathing techniques to help you live without being lost in negative mental states.

Four Weeks HWP Program

One-on-one meeting.

Experience the Heart Wisdom Process’s profound transformational benefits in a four-week program with Sevinc.  

You will benefit from ancient healing techniques that help relieve emotional, mental, and physical pain, stress, anxiety. The program will also allow you to learn practices to apply in your daily life. 

  • This program includes four private appointments with Sevinc. 
  • You will have email support for your questions between meetings.
  • In each session, your will experience the healing effects of HWP practices focused on your challenges.
  • You will learn holistic approaches to use daily for a more peaceful living.